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    Faculty rugby league programmes begin in Montenegro, Bosnia and Turkey

    Faculty rugby league programmes have began in Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkey as the game continues to broaden its…
    2 days ago

    Philippines rugby league hits the UK

    Pambansang Ragbi Liga Ng Pilipinas prepares for Europe Pambansang Ragbi Liga Ng Pilipinas are excited to announce their presence within…
    3 days ago

    Ghana rugby league plans enlargement into a brand new area

    Rugby League Federation Ghana has introduced their fixture schedule for 2022. The opening occasion can be a contact rugby competition…
    1 week ago

    New York Freedom Pulls Out of NARL

    In large information in rugby league in the US, the New York RLFC has introduced that it’s not a part…
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      Professional AFL Suggestions | 2020 Spherical 5

      AFL Statsman offers AFL Suggestions Previews Sports activities Betting content material every week for our Studying The Play AFL subscribers.…
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      NRL Suggestions & Recreation Previews | 2020 Spherical 11

      MrG gives NRL Suggestions and Recreation Preview content material every week for our Studying The Play NRL subscribers. Particulars on…
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      NRL Suggestions & Recreation Previews | 2020 Spherical 17

      MrG gives NRL Suggestions and Recreation Preview content material every week for our Studying The Play NRL subscribers. Particulars on…
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      Horse Racing Advisable Performs | Might 2021

      Saturday Might twenty ninth Eagle Farm  R2 #9 SUPERIUM  x 5 models Win $3.40Had secure change throughout to Hawkes and…
      4 weeks ago

      Forward of the AFL 2021 Draft: Prime Prospects

      With essentially the most vital commerce interval in quite a few years at an finish, it is a nice time…
      November 7, 2021

      NRL Really useful Performs | 2021

      Spherical 18 Guess 1 unit Eagles-Dragons beneath 48.5 $1.90Turbo seems to be to be rested, Dragons a number of outs,…

      AFL NRL Footy Tipping

      Australia is home to some of the toughest and most exciting sports in the world. Australian Rules Football, more commonly known as footy, and Rugby are two of the biggest Australian sports out there. These sports are the country’s clear favorite spectator sport, with the most attendees and viewers than other major sports leagues in the country. 

      Both sports are actually quite similar, save for some differences. Compared to the football, we all know where only goalkeepers can touch the ball with their hands, in rugby and footy, players cradle the ball. In rugby, players are only allowed to pass to their side or behind them. In footy, forward passes are allowed, but only punt-kicking or handballing are allowed. The scoring systems are also very different. In rugby, you can score through a try (5 points), a conversion kick (2 points), or a drop goal (3 points). There are four goalposts on each side in footy, and if the ball is kicked in between the two center goal posts, a main goal is awarded (6 points). If it goes in between the outer goalposts, a behind goal is awarded (1 point).

      Here in Footy Tripping, we aim to give you all your needs for Australia’s best sports leagues. We cover both the AFL and NRL to provide you with news updates and betting tips for all the exciting and upcoming matches in both leagues. Our news section will keep you posted on all the important updates that include injuries, upsets, trade deals, rumors, and many more. In our betting tips section, we will discuss any useful information that may affect an upcoming game’s outcome.

      AFL History

      The Australian Football League is the best and only professional league for Australian Rules football. It started way back in 1896 and was known as the Victorian Football League. In 1980, the VFL began expanded and played in other Australian states. By 1990, the VFL was officially renamed the AFL.

      NRL History

      The NRL is the premier domestic rugby league in Australia. Teams now participating in the NRL were competing since 1908, but the NRL wasn’t officially founded until December 1997. Today, 16 teams compete in the NRL during the regular season to qualify for a playoff-style tournament to determine the season’s champions.


      Century-old leagues like the AFL and NRL have grown a lot since the first official league games were played way back then. These leagues have only gotten more exciting since then. With 18 highly competitive teams going at it against each other all over the country, we have more than enough action and news to give you updates on. We will make sure to keep you posted on all the exciting happenings in both leagues, which include matches, trades, injuries, and many more!

      Betting Tips

      The Betting Tips section is where you want to be to get that ace up your sleeve before making any wagers. Here, we will be discussing upcoming games, statistics, and important updates, including injuries and trades that will affect the outcome of upcoming games. Take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about an upcoming match before making a wager!


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