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How lengthy is an AFL recreation?

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When somebody asks, what’s the size of an AFL match, it may be answered in two methods. The particular person asking the query could possibly be questioning how lengthy does play go for within the recreation or they may wish to know in the event that they had been going to a recreation, how lengthy would they be there for. This is able to produce two completely completely different lengths of time. To reply these two questions we’ve got to first have a look at how a recreation of Australia guidelines soccer is structured.


An AFL match is into 4 quarters, very similar to a recreation of American soccer can be. The 2 halves are separated by a half-time break, which is 20 minutes lengthy, whereas the primary and third quarters are adopted by a shorter break, often known as ‘quarter-time’ and ‘three-quarter time’ respectively. These shorter breaks are 6 minutes lengthy.

In the course of the half-time break the gamers will usually exit the world into their change rooms, whereas all through the shorter breaks the gamers will typically stay on the bottom.


Every quarter of AFL goes for 20 minutes. Two officers that aren’t on the sector often known as ‘timekeeper’ will set a timer for 20 minutes. They’ll blow a siren to start the quarter and as soon as the timer has run out they’ll sound the siren once more to point the tip of interval.

Play for the quarter will finish instantly on the sound of the siren, nevertheless if a ball is already in flight beforehand it could nonetheless register a rating. Additionally, a participant who marks the ball earlier than the siren sounds will nonetheless get the chance to kick the ball for a purpose.

So this solutions the query of how lengthy play will go for in a match, nevertheless the entire size of the match is a bit more advanced. That is due to one thing known as ‘time on’.


‘Time On’?

Whereas the enjoying time of 1 / 4 is 20 minutes, in contrast to one thing like soccer, the clock doesn’t depend up and in addition doesn’t simply proceed to run. The timekeeper will cease the clock for stoppages.

Stoppages happen steadily and for a quantity or causes together with objectives and behinds being scored, accidents, the ball going out of bounds and the umpire name for a ball (throw) up.

Because of this whereas 1 / 4 will comprise 20 minutes of play, in real-time it could fluctuate considerably. On common 1 / 4 will final round half-hour.

Curiously, whereas the timekeepers depend the time down, the scoreboard on the floor will show a clock that counts up and can run constantly from the beginning of the quarter, so followers within the crowd received’t know the way lengthy is left within the quarter. This that can the clock counting up, any time after 20 minutes seems to be time that’s added on, often known as ‘Time On’.


Totally different

The AFL (Australian Soccer League) is knowledgeable sport and is the most well-liked competitors within the nation, nevertheless there are a variety of completely different leagues at completely different ranges.

These competitions might have variations within the size of every quarter whereas others might not have ‘time on’ in any respect. For instance, the AFLW, the nationwide soccer league for feminine gamers, will play 15 minute quarters as an alternative of 20.



As we’ve got discovered above, regardless of the size of play in an AFL match being 80 minutes, the variable size of quarters in real-time imply that length of a match is just not mounted.

On condition that the common size of 1 / 4 can span round half-hour and the length of breaks totals 32 minutes, from begin to finish an AFL match will final round two and half hours.

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